Station 2

Station 2 opened on March 14th, 1922 in the depot section of town, an industrial area that contained the city's beautiful train station (sadly now torn down).  They were known as Hose Company Number 3 in the Depot Station.  The station was the first permanent station outside of now Pack Square.  It was unique in that it had individual bedrooms but was not built well.  The Chief recommended in 1937 to abandon the building and relocate the station.  This didn't happen until quite a while later.

This American LaFrance Engine 4 served the city for 40 years.  40!  This picture was taken on 11-23-53 with Captain Joseph Hall, G Clayton Young, and Harold Moore. 

The station was sold to the Asheville Housing Authority under the East Riverside Urban Renewal Plan on August 29th, 1974.  The city leased the building for $1 a month until a new station was built.  Once the new station opened, the building was torn down. 

Land was purchased from the Asheville Housing Authority in the East Riverside Urban Renewal area for a new (and current) Station 2.  It opened in 1976.